Local Business Listing Sites for India | Free 100 business listing sites India 2022

Local Business Listing Sites for India  Free 100 business listing sites India 2022

Local Business Listing Sites for India | Free 100 business listing sites India 2022

If you have a business and want to add more customers? So you will need to show the business first, for this you will need a place where potential customers come. They will connect with you when they visit your business website, this way you can get maximum potential customers every day. Now you must be thinking that how do we connect with them, then it's the best answer Business listing website listing is the easiest option to get maximum potential customers. A business listing website is a digital form of a phone directory. It brings all the local business information along with the address, phone number, and other necessary details. This is the best way for off-page SEO links. 

These sites contain data for local businesses. In today's digital times, business directories are considered a local search engine. Scroll down to find these useful 100+ free business listing sites in India.

What is a business listing?

Business listings list information on search engines that display your business's name, address, phone number, and all other information, including your website. This means that you will reach your business to the target audience. Creating a business listing is very important for any local business, this is the first method of digital marketing, so business listing websites play a very important role in growing business. You should list your business on as many relevant local business listing websites as possible. This is a good way to increase the visibility of your business on search engines.

Plus, each new listing you create increases your chances of being opened by a potential customer. In short, business listing sites can be considered a digital version of business information, just like the yellow pages. Business listings are broadly divided into two categories, one for any particular country and the other for listing in a particular country, both of which are helpful for your business. Improve local listings If you want to increase your business's online presence then local listings work better. Search engines believe in the accuracy of your business information. If your business has an online presence, your business is more likely to rank first in local searches.

History of business listing website

Before the discovery of search engines like Google, the business listing site was a prime location for all information gathering. If we look back, the business listing was born to provide the necessary information as per the requirement and preferences. The internet created many different websites so every business started owning a website. Over time it gets crowded and gives rise to the demand for some structure that can help people locate any website. Some of the most popular business listing sites that have come into existence in this way include Google My Business Listing, Yelp, etc.

Types of Business Listing

There are two types of business listings
free business listings and paid business listings

Google My Business, Facebook Business, Bing, Yelp, etc are some of the popular websites where you can list your business. In paid business listing you can list your business the paid way. In the paid listing, you get many additional benefits and advanced features to promote your business. Many merchant listings feature features such as rating comments in literature reviews. Your business will get more reviews and ratings as a result. Positive processes will attract more customers and more revenue to your business.

What are the benefits of business listing?

There are many benefits of listing your business online. Registering any business on the list will help your business to stay competitive. Your business can rank at the top of Google search results if you provide all the information about your business correctly. You can list your business on a high domain authority website to attract more potential customers. The business listing will redirect more traffic to your website. Make sure to manage your website smartly to engage your traffic. Most of the business listings are pocket friendly and you can easily register your business on any free business listing website to increase visibility. Online business directories allow users to give reviews and ratings about their experience Positive Thought ratings will increase online confidence in any business Business listing and increase your business's online visibility. It will improve the online reputation of your business. Local listing sites Amul are known for providing business information. Interested people should always provide genuine business information.

Easy to use on mobile

It will increase the trust of search engines when you correctly list the business description in more than one digital business listing directory.

How to choose business listing sites?

There are a few things you should keep in mind before opting for digital business listing directories. The website should be spam-free. Suppose you are visiting a website to get information. It is full of advertisements on the website. It can make your bad experience. In some cases, you may not get the required information. You go to the next website immediately to register on such sites. Avoid this.

Try to choose a site with good domain authority as the business list to get backlinks from these websites will be with the domain authority you will be using many tools to find out the domain authority of any website easily in this article Business with a good domain authority List Contains a list of these websites. Dofollow links Not all free listing sites in India provide a hyperlink option so one needs to make sure that there should be a balance between no-follow links and high domain authority and high page domain authority.

What is required to register on business listing sites?

Local business listings play a very important role in the world ranking in Google results. If you complete your business listing then your search terms will increase very fast in search results. Google will trust your website more because it includes your name, phone number, and address. Google will give you more preference if your support reviews and ratings are good. Adding quality images increases your chances of getting more for your business.

You will need the following important things for the business listing

Business name title: Always use the original business name and title in one field when listing your business.

Address Always Use Original Without Changes Using Originals Will Increase Confidence In Your Business People Will Trust Your Business When They See That The Local Address Mentioned Is Authentic Local Phone Numbers Google Directions Always Local Area Code Phone Numbers support. In the last few years, it has also started supporting toll-free numbers. Finally, you have to get the business verification by postcard phone number and email. Make sure all the necessary things are ready before listing your business according to the free business listing guidelines.

What else do you need to rank higher in niche-based search results You will need to optimize a few more things when registering for niche-based business listings. Your business or brand image People have to upload their brand logo. Seeing your business logo will help people recognize your business and it will also visually communicate the most important information about your business to your potential customers. The tagline for your business It is mandatory to fill this experience while registering on any business listing web directory in India. While filing this section you have to fill all the keywords smartly this will help your search terms to rank successfully in local search results.

Description of your business: In this segment, you have to give information about your business product and service You can then briefly describe your company and business.

Categories Section:

This segment will help people identify your business as well as help tailor the listing as per the need. A lot of details are required while registering a business. A good and accurate description will help the businessmen to reach the people who are looking for it. Currently, many business listing guidelines are used by many businesses to engage with their customers and find new target audiences.

How to List Your Business on Business Listing Sites?

There have been many business directories that register thousands of businesses. Once you have selected a few based online business listing directories, follow the steps below to register your business.

You can follow the steps listed below to get your business listed on Business Listing.

Step 1: First of all go to the business listing site of your choice
Step 2: Create your business account
Step 3: Enter your business name details
Step 4: Provide proper contact information
Step 5: Add some details of your business
Step 6: Add some appropriate keywords relevant to your business

A list of the best free business listing site in India business listing website with domain authority is mentioned below. You can select these as per the required domain authority and type of business. You are in ownership.

  1. https://www.google.co.in/business/
  2. https://foursquare.com
  3. https://www.amazon.in
  4. https://www.trustpilot.com
  5. https://bangalore.craigslist.org
  6. https://mapquest.com
  7. https://www.yellowpages.com
  8. https://www.angieslist.com
  9. https://www.snapdeal.com
  10. https://www.tradeindia.com
  11. https://biz.prlog.org
  12. https://www.sulekha.com
  13. https://www.indiamart.com
  14. https://www.apsense.com
  15. https://www.merchantcircle.com
  16. https://www.justlanded.com
  17. https://www.bizcommunity.com
  18. https://e27.co
  19. https://www.thumbtack.com
  20. https://gust.com
  21. https://www.businessworld.in
  22. https://www.reviewcentre.com
  23. https://www.sitejabber.com
  24. https://www.thetoptens.com
  25. https://yellowpages.webindia123.com
  26. https://www.fixr.com
  27. https://www.myntra.com
  28. https://www.insiderpages.com
  29. https://www.local.com
  30. https://www.indiacom.com
  31. https://www.mouthshut.com
  32. https://www.americantowns.com
  33. https://www.communitywalk.com
  34. https://www.hoobly.com
  35. https://www.yellowbot.com
  36. https://www.chamberofcommerce.com
  37. https://www.hotfrog.com
  38. https://lbb.in
  39. https://www.exportersindia.com
  40. https://www.ezilon.com
  41. https://botw.org
  42. https://www.brownbook.net
  43. https://www.elocal.com
  44. https://in.ezilon.com
  45. http://connect.releasewire.com
  46. https://ezlocal.com
  47. https://index.co
  48. http://prsync.com
  49. https://www.bingplaces.com
  50. http://www.salespider.com
  51. http://www.salespider.com/claim-your-business-for-free
  52. https://www.cybo.com
  53. http://tupalo.com
  54. https://briefingwire.com
  55. https://ibegin.com
  56. https://www.startus.cc
  57. https://www.clickindia.com
  58. https://directory.edugorilla.com
  59. https://www.referralkey.com
  60. https://www.lacartes.com
  61. https://citysquares.com
  62. http://ebusinesspages.com
  63. https://www.callupcontact.com
  64. https://www.agreatertown.com
  65. https://www.finduslocal.com
  66. https://www.trepup.com
  67. https://www.zaubacorp.com
  68. https://www.traderscity.com
  69. http://www.expressbusinessdirectory.com
  70. http://cpadirectory.com
  71. http://lekkoo.com
  72. http://www.twenty19.com
  73. https://www.whodoyou.com
  74. https://www.opendi.us
  75. https://whofish.org
  76. https://www.hotfrog.in
  77. https://www.bizvotes.com
  78. https://www.cityfos.com
  79. http://myhuckleberry.com
  80. https://www.surfindia.com
  81. https://www.wiseradvisor.com
  82. https://traiborg.com
  83. http://yoomark.com
  84. http://kugli.com
  85. https://wowcity.com
  86. http://www.tupalo.net
  87. https://www.bizhwy.com
  88. https://www.fullhyderabad.com
  89. http://www.40billion.com
  90. https://www.find-us-here.com
  91. https://www.wherezit.com
  92. https://www.go4worldbusiness.com
  93. https://www.fyple.com
  94. http://indianceo.in
  95. https://www.learnpick.in
  96. http://mysheriff.net
  97. https://www.indianyellowpages.com
  98. https://www.csslight.com
  99. https://www.fundoodata.com
  100. https://www.freelistingindia.in
  101. https://6qube.com
  102. https://www.biznet-us.com
  103. http://www.akama.com
  104. http://cityinsider.com
  105. https://www.freeadstime.org
  106. https://www.grotal.com
  107. http://routeandgo.net
  108. https://www.zoompo.com
  109. http://www.citybase.com
  110. https://getfreelisting.com
  111. https://www.igotbiz.com
  112. https://indiabizclub.com
  113. http://www.designfirms.org
  114. https://www.yalwa.in
  115. https://www.myezbz.com
  116. https://adsansar.com
  117. http://indiacatalog.com
  118. https://bizsheet.com
  119. https://justfindus.in
  120. https://www.zipleaf.com
  121. https://www.zipleaf.us
  122. http://in.ypgo.net
  123. https://www.indiabook.com
  124. https://www.pitnit.com
  125. https://www.localstore.net
  126. https://www.jobiba.com
  127. https://www.postallads4free.com
  128. http://admin.cylex.in
  129. http://cylex.in
  130. http://a4add.com
  131. https://www.gomylocal.com
  132. http://adfreeposting.com
  133. https://www.dealerbaba.com
  134. http://indiayellowpages.com
  135. https://www.eindiabusiness.com
  136. https://bigwigbiz.com
  137. https://www.jantareview.com
  138. https://www.ncrcities.com
  139. https://www.yelu.in
  140. http://dialindia.com
  141. http://mysheriff.co.in
  142. https://www.makeitlocal.com
  143. https://www.business-startpage.com
  144. https://www.onefdh.com
  145. https://south-delhi.infoisinfo.co.in
  146. http://startlocal.in
  147. https://www.infoisinfo.co.in
  148. http://bgyellowpages.com
  149. https://buckeyeads.com
  150. https://www.localnoggins.com
  151. https://www.onestopb2b.com
  152. https://wadline.com
  153. https://bizdays.com
  154. http://placereference.com
  155. https://www.dueclix.com
  156. http://adoak.com
  157. http://localbiziness.com
  158. http://orapages.com
  159. http://www.elcraz.com
  160. https://busylisting.com
  161. http://zoomlocalsearch.com
  162. http://accountant-finder.com
  163. http://www.garagecommerce.com
  164. http://www.jsdirectory.com
  165. http://ratefame.com
  166. http://jimyellowpages.com
  167. https://www.quponing.com
  168. https://infoline.com
  169. https://www.wikiocity.com
  170. https://aaspaas.com
  171. https://www.bizzduniya.com
  172. https://vcsdata.com
  173. https://www.linkbyme.com
  174. https://beautybythebatch.com
  175. https://www.h1ad.com
  176. http://onlyuncle.com
  177. http://www.nextbizdoor.com
  178. https://www.nextbizthing.com
  179. http://imclassified.com
  180. https://addyp.com
  181. http://www.freeadshare.com
  182. https://indyapages.com
  183. https://www.indiae.in
  184. http://additmore.com
  185. https://wwww.uescort.com
  186. http://bizghost.com
  187. https://insideracademy.in
  188. http://yellowpages.in
  189. https://us-business.info
  190. https://www.giganticlist.com
  191. https://www.vanik.com
  192. https://www.advertiseera.com
  193. https://www.findermaster.com
  194. http://sugarreviews.com
  195. https://www.biz15.co.in
  196. http://thelinkindia.com
  197. https://paperdoor.in
  198. http://clickblue.in
  199. https://www.placelookup.net
  200. http://entireindia.com
  201. https://bharathlisting.com
  202. https://www.insuranceagencylinkdirectory.com
  203. https://www.accountingmatch.com
  204. http://indiaontrade.com
  205. http://hometownandcity.com
  206. http://mybizhound.com
  207. https://www.wallclassifieds.com
  208. https://www.zipleaf.in
  209. https://www.thegospelgrid.directory
  210. http://www.buysellcart.in

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