Google My Business Listing Setup Complete Guide Step by Step 2022

Google My Business Listing Setup Complete Guide Step by Step 2022

In this blog today we are going to talk about Google My Business Listing, about Local Search Engine Optimization, first of all, we have to create an account on Google My Business Listing. 

Let's say we are working for a client. First of all, we will need a Gmail ID, on which we have to do Google My Listing. If we are creating a google my business setting for clients then, you can create a business listing account in google afresh, and if already have then search by business name and put more complete details on it. Here we are going to learn in this Blog that supposes a client does not have any business account and we have to create it afresh.

So first of all what we have to do is that after collecting all the data that will be required for Google My Business Listing, we have to keep it in a notepad beforehand such as - Business Name, Business Address, Contact Number, Business Category. Information about his business, you have to try as much as possible to collect the information about the business and keep it beforehand. 

Step - 1 Go To Google My Business Listing Website

First of all, we will search Google My Business in Google and go to the Google My Business page and to the Google My Business listing website

Step-2 Click on It Manage Now

There we will get the option of Manage Now and we will be logged in by clicking on it. 

Step-3 Type Your Business Name

From that account on which we have to create Google My Business List. We will first see Find and Manage Your Business and a search bar will appear to Type Your Business Name

One thing you have to keep in mind is that if you are creating a business listing on the Client ID, then it should be made from the Client's ID. And if making it for yourself then you have to log in with your email id. 

If your business is already present on Google My Business, then you can search for your business name by typing it in the search bar, and by clicking on it, you can proceed further by entering your business details. 

If you are creating anew, then you have to click on Business to Google, here you will see an option What is the name of the business, here you will type your business name and after that, you have to click on Next.

Step-4 Choose The category

Then the next option will come to choose the category that fits your business best, nowhere you have to search in the business category bar, select the category related to business from your business and then click on next.

Now the thing to note here is that you have to choose the category of business very correctly which is related to your business. This is a very important step. Here you will click on next after selecting your right category.

Step-5 Do you want to add a location, customers

The next option will come to Do you want to add a location customers can visit like a store or office where you have to click on yes or no. If your business address is correct So you can click on Yes and if any address of your business is not present then you can go ahead by clicking on No.

Step-6 What is the address

After clicking on the Next button, the next option will appear in the What is the address. You will select the country in which to list. Then we will change the street address, then we will enter the city, then we will enter the pin code and enter the state, then click on next. After entering this address, you will click on the answer next, then Google will suggest to you some business names, which will be written on this address like this your own business, if any business is present on that address by that name or at that place then you will get that suggestion. Will this is your business? So you can go ahead by clicking on it, if the business name showing there is not your business name address, then you can go ahead by clicking on non of these and pressing the next button. 

Step -7 Where are you located

Now after clicking on the Next button, we will see Where are you located, drag and resume the map and position by hitting on the spot where your business is located in Google Map by moving the mouse pointer over your correct address and clicking on us And whatever is your correct address, you will have to click the mouse there. Google will show you a red-colored map pointer, you will have to fit it by moving it to your specific location. 

Step-8 Do you provide deliveries or home and office visits?

After selecting the address you will click on the Next button and go ahead then you will see the next option Do you also serve customers outside this location. 

For example, if you visit hard delivered to your customer you can let them know where you are willing to go

1st option is I also service outside my location.

The second option will come No I don't.

In these, you have to choose one of the two options and then go ahead.

If you give your business or service somewhere outside the same location, then you will click on the device and you can proceed further by clicking on the otherwise no I don't

For example, suppose there is such an AC repair shop and he does repairing at the shop and also at home and does AC repairing, then if you give your service at both the places then you will click on yes and if only you at the shop If you only give your service, then you will go next by clicking on No I Don't.

Step-9 Add contact info

After clicking on the Next button, now we will see the next option

What contact details do you want to show the customer to help the customer get in touch by including this is for business listing such as phone number, Current website URL

Third Option I Don't Need a Website

After you enter the phone number you will come to what website you have, if there is a website then you can put your website URL here if not there is no need then click on note id I don't need a website if you need a website For a simple website which is provided by Google.

Here you will click on Get a free website, here you will have to enter the details.

Step-10 Stay in the know

After clicking the next button will show this option. After filling in the business phone number, the option will come up whether you would like to make recommendations to update the business?

Want updates and recommendations for your business on Google?



Step-11 Ad Your Services

Now we will see the next step Ad Services, which you have selected your category, some more service-related categories will come here, if any of them are related to you, then you can add them from here.

And if you want, you can also add a custom category, right now the thing to note here is that both category and service are different. The category that is there represents your overall business but what is the service reflects only one of your services. In this way, as there are many services in a category, then the category is an overall and the meaning of service is a part of what it is.

Step-12 Add business hours

Now we will click on the next option where we will see Add Business Weekly Horse List. Customer Know When You Are Open For Business? Here you will see the days of the week so that you have to enter the business hours.

After filling the business hours, the next option will come, about business information, in about 500 words, about your business, you will have to fill in the details about the service there.

Step-13 Add messaging

Step-14 Add business description

Give your customers maximum information about your business and services on Search, Maps, and Google services.

Step-17 Add photos of your business

After that the next option will come, you will have to upload the photo of your business here like if there is a shop or factory, or company, photo of the front side, Logo, product, and service by taking a photo and uploading it. 

Step-18 Standout from the competition Advertise with Google

Now here you will see your business profile will be almost ready and click on continue Now after clicking on continue you will see the complete dashboard of Google My Business Listing. In which you will see Home, Post, Info, Insight, Review, Messages, Photos, Products, Services, Website Users, etc. In this, you can do whatever you want to manage your business according to your own.

One thing to note here is that you cannot manage the business listing without verifying it.

So first of all, you have to verify your business listing, only after verifying you can edit or manage your information details, now after verifying, we will get the authority to manage all the options.

Now we will go ahead by clicking on the next button then we will see the next option Manage this listing. There will be written your business name and address and here you can manage your business information.

Promote your business with photos and post-track business analytics to understand your customer response to the customer reviews then click the next button finish click on it will proceed.

Now you will see the next option Select to Verify means if you do a business listing on Google, then to verify its ownership, it is very important for you to verify Google My Business listing that you are the owner of it.

To manage your business of this business, you need to verify its ownership, there are two ways, a postcard by mail, here Google will send a code to your physical address to verify the ownership, which you will get in Google my listing Verify by entering.

And here the option will come, after entering the contact name, contact rule, then click on mail, then that pin code will come on your physical address, the second option will be visible to you that verify letter if you want that later we will verify it then verify letter Clicking on will proceed.

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