What is ORM in digital marketing What does ORM stand for in marketing?

What is the Role of ORM in Digital Marketing?

ORM Means is Online reputation management. ORM is about what a business looks like online and how it can be improved. It means observing and analyzing. What will be the impressions of a customer when they search for your business or product/service in Google. would he like you?
Is your online business presence working in your favor or against? That's the idea behind online reputation management.

How Does Online reputation management Impact Digital Marketing?

Today it is easy for an individual to evaluate any company. Today 90% of people search Google to find out about a company and see online reviews of its product and service. They get information about you online and they can come to you with their feelings.

A negative online presence or lack of presence can both seriously affect the success of your company. Whether you are closing or growing a business deal, your online reputation matters.

How Do I Know What My Reputation Is?
You need to analyze your online life before you can improve. Access your online presence by looking at the checklist given below.

Does your business name, logo or product appear in the first five lists of Google? If the first five are not in the listing, then the search engine ranking has to be worked out.
Are the links you see positive? Not every customer is happy. You have to make sure that the first impression you see on Google is as positive as possible.

Check your Google My Business listing now.
Does any exist?
Is the information correct?
If not, list Google My Business.

Check out your brand's social media channels now.
Check How Many Followers Do You Have?
And when was the last time you posted?
Do you respond to comments?
How do you read messages and respond?
What is the average response time?
Does the post you're posting represent your brand's product or service?

Check out what's being said on social media.

Find your hashtags and your business brand name. Do customer people know or talk about you and your business? If talking, is it giving a positive comment? If there are negative mentions, do other people your social fans come to the rescue of your product or service?

Check Review Sites.
View your review in the Google My Business listing. Have a review? How many stars have you got from the customer? Are you replying to the review?
Check out his Facebook review, also check Angie's List, Yelp, elocal foursquare, showmelocal and TrustPilot review.
Check other online reviews/ recommendation websites.
Check out Glassdoor.com. This is not a review site, but many people can find you online to see what your reputation is according to your past and current employees.
You can also check out your competitors' products and services comparison sites to see how they rank against yours.
OK, my online presence needs a little work. What now?
Claim everything.
Claim your business on Yahoo. On Bing. Create a Facebook Business page, business.twitter.com, Yelp, bbb.org,  

Increase your search ranking.

SEO help may be needed if your company is not ranked first in search engines. SEO means Search Engine Optimization which helps in improving the ranking. Or need content strategy or blogging help. It can reveal negative things about you. When your name doesn't rank highly, it's easy for negative content to quickly turn into positives.

Coordinate public relations events.

If not positive about your business, may consider planning some strategic PR events for a more positive lane.
Hire someone to help with online reputation management.

If your reviews are getting ignored and your customer service team is busy and unable to handle it, look for an agency that can help you manage your online reviews. Will be beneficial for your business. In this digital world, online reviews are important to give. Negative reviews can hurt the business while positive reviews will bring new customers to your doorstep.

Work with a social media manager.

Social media is a way to reach a lot of customers. That's why social media is important for your business. If you are not joining and not responding on social media then you are missing a good opportunity for business growth.
All these things are there in ORM. How do you fix it and track it? ORM is not a more complete activity. It is like digital marketing. It requires frequent maintenance and monitoring. This method will help you to grow your business in the long run.

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