What is the Latest Google algorithm update in SEO?

What is Google Algorithm? 

If you are new to digital marketing or blogging then this term is stranger or unknown to you. According to the articles on the Latest Trending SEO Updates website, they said that Google changes its SEO algorithm every year and around 500-600 times each year. Each new day the Google algorithm changes to give the user the best results for the query that they enter in a Google search. But after reading this post I will not worry and I will understand all google algorithm updates.

In this post, I will explain to you Major Google Algorithms and their history or description so that you can understand all algorithms in detail. So let's get started and keep reading this post.

What is SEO Google Algorithm Update?

Google algorithms are a set of rules. Algorithms help Google filter websites based on ranking factors. Google algorithms show the best results to users when they enter a query or keyword in Google. Google uses a lot of algorithms to filter out poor quality sites, spamming sites, or black hat sites in order to show the best results to the user. The search engine finds the best websites that follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines and ranks that website on the search engine result pages (SERP).

Google algorithm update

Every day Google announces new algorithms, some confirmed and some not. I will cover all the best major SEO algorithm updates with the explanation. So let's take a look at all the major SEO Google algorithms. 

1.     Panda

2.     Penguin

3.     Hummingbird

4.     Pigeon

5.     Google Mobile Friendly or MobileGeddon

6.     RankBrain

7.     Google Algorithm Possum

8.     Fred

9.     Pirate

10. Google EMD (Exact Match Domain)

11. Google Payday

12. Google page experience algorithm

13. Google core algorithm update

1. What is pandas algorithm?

Launched on 24 February 2011.

Panda Algorithm Build To Take An Action For Low-Quality Websites And Panda Follow All Website That Follows These Following Things. 

Algorithm Updates

Websites with Low-Quality Content.

Websites with Duplicate Content.

Keyword Stuffing.

Affiliate Links and Ads.

So Many Outbound Links with Keywords are bad.

We can simply say that the Google Panda algorithm is used to filter all the low-quality websites from the top results in the Google search engine. Panda hits all the websites which are not following the guidelines and rank. And take a look at other high-quality websites. And pandas also like new content if you are writing a post then most readable and useful for all then your post is ranked fast on google. Follow our step-by-step guide on how to complete the recovery website from Panda.


How to recover a website if Google Panda or Monitor website is not Panda friendly or not.

So if you need your website to be hit by Google Panda or not then audit your traffic and ranked keywords If you found that your keywords ranking is down, then immediately do your complete website audit Via a website auditor tool, like SEO Powers" or any other. Check the copied content to use this free tool copy cape or sideliner and check the entire site take a look of all the content, duplicate content, keyword stuffing, affiliate links For Nofollow, check out the outbound link anchor text keyword.

Otherwise, if your site is not very well hit by google panda but always try to follow all pandas guidelines. 

2. What is Google Penguin Algorithm?

Launch April 24, 2012, and Penguin hits all websites that are getting backlinked from spammy sites, use irrelevant websites, or have poor over anchor text ratio. 

Penguin Algorithm Updates 

Spammy or irrelevant links 

Over-optimized anchor text

Don't Over-Optimize Website

Strong Domains Matter

Penguin Hit and Ranked Down All Websites Which Are Using Bad Quality Backlinks And Links With Spammy Sites. or irrelevant ones that are not related to each other. With over-optimize anchor text.

How to save your website?

Monitor your backlink profile with SEO Premium Tools. And do a full in-depth analysis of all the backlinks that are links to your sites. Suggest using monitor backlinks or CO spy glasses. Here I am using Monitor Backlinks to Check Bad and High-Risk Links Monitor Backlinks Also Can Give You 30 Days Free Trial You Don't Need to Enter Your Payment Details.

To check for high-risk links in the Monitor Backlinks tool, go to the back section then click on the high-risk link. Then you will get all the links that are of danger to the website. 

Google algorithm update And if you are using Seo Spyglass Tool then you need to click on Backlinks Profile and then select a linking domain and then update penalty risk. Make sure it should be 50%. If it is more than 50% then remove all backlinks thanks. Discover all backlinks.

3. What Is Hummingbird Algorithm? 

Hummingbird launched on August 22, 2013. The Google Hummingbird Algorithm is a great new search algorithm that works for every query that is typed on Google. Hummingbirds try to find what the searcher wants and try to show the best results based on the keywords that they put in Google.

Google Hummingbird Updates 

Keyword stuffing

low-quality content

Effectiveness of Long-tail Keywords

How to Find Best Keywords

You need to search and find the best keywords for better results. Try to find valuable keywords. Idea source for keyword research using any paid tool or google related autocomplete and google related searches.

4. What Is Pigeon Algorithm?

Pigeon Algorithm Launch in the US on 24th, 2014, and in the UK, Canada, Australia on December 22,2014. Pigeon algorithm affects or hits all the websites which are using on and off-page spamming SEO methods to get ranking in search results. Pigeon algorithm is working with users with local SEO queries. For example "If I search for Best Hotels" if my location is Delhi then it will display as Best Hotel Near Me.

Pigeon Algorithm Updates

Poor on Page Seo

Poor Off-page Seo 

So if you want to optimize your site and familiarize it with Pigeon then you need to put the effort into On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO. Complete analysis of your website for on-page SEO audit and off-page SEO audit. These are a lot of tools that I suggest you to SEMrush.

6. Google Mobile Friendly or Mobile Geddon 

Mobile Geddon Algorithm launched in April 21,2015 and it's a great mobile-friendly SEO search algorithm that ranks those websites for mobile users sites that are 100% mobile-friendly. Check your website loading time for mobile users. Use Google PageSpeed  Insights and check the 100% mobile usability of your website on a mobile screen.

Mobile-Friendly Google Algorithm Update 

Mobile friendly testing tools

Select Desktop on AMP page for mobile-first index Mobile-first indexing, using mobile content for all search rankings App will show AMP URL before Deep Link URL in Google Mobile results from Google says page speed ranking factor to use mobile page speed for mobile sites how to secure your website We also know that mobile users are huge and if we need any query then we just pick up our phone and search in google. If any website is loading late and is not fully responsive then we leave this website to another website. If you want to secure your website then you only need to focus on speed and usability. You can use several tools to audit your website and have a complete report card of your website. For the speed test, I already advised you to use google page speed. Your website will improve loading times for mobile users. 

7. What are RankBrain Algorithm Updates? 

rank brain update October 26, 2015, Rank launched and the RankBrain algorithm is also part of  Google Hummingbird. RankBrain is a machine learning system designed to help Google understand all the queries and meaning of queries and get the best search results based on those queries. It also states that RankBrain is the third most important factor for ranking. We can simply say that Rank Brain is a query-based algorithm.

So if you are wondering how to deal with Google RankBrain then the answer is very simple. If you all read the above paragraph. I mean you need to do an in-depth analysis of your website content and also try to analyze your competitor's website. And use relevant words or phrases in your posts. You can also search for relevant words and words from a large number of top-ranked competitors' websites.

8. What is the Possum algorithm update? 

Launched on 1st September 2016. The possum algorithm update is very useful for local search queries. With the help of the Possum algorithm, Google will show the best results based on your location and your business address. Possum will also show you results based on a similar query for example if I search on google for "photo studio" it will show photo studio co or nearest photoshoot studio for me. google algorithm update If you want to familiarize your website with Possum Algorithm then fill in all correct website and business address information for your business on google and the full address of your business with a custom text tab and your street.

9. What is Fred Algorithm Update

Launched on March 8, 2017. The latest confirmed Google algorithm and Google hit a lot of websites that didn't follow all Google webmaster's guidelines. Many blogs and websites are influenced by Fred Algorithm which is building a website or blog just to earn money from Google Adsense ads or any other ad network.

Fred algorithm update

I already mentioned all the updates on how that works but take a short look at the following.

Thin content website or blog.

Affiliate Heavy

ad-centric content

how to stay safe from fred

So let's start after reading the above article, I am sure now you must have understood how Fred works.

So we just need to write valuable content and useless advertisement which will help the reader to read the article without any problem. For Affiliate Make, you add No follow tags to all your Affiliate Links. After reading the above I'm sure you now understand better how Fred works. So we just need to write valuable content and useless advertisement which will help the reader to read the article without any problem. For Affiliate Make, you add No Follow Tags to all your Affiliate Links. You can also read this complete guide to better ad positioning and read Google 

Webmaster Guidelines.

Pirate/DMCA Algorithm Update

10. What is Pirate Algorithm Update?

The DMCA/Pirate Algorithm algorithm was announced in August 2012 and is designed for ranking websites that have been used on copyrighted material or websites. Provide Pirate or Cracking Software, Tools, Torrent Websites or Movie Sites on Website etc. 

Type of Website of Google Hit on Google from Top Search. 


In simple words we can say that pirates hit torrent websites that provide cracking software 

or tools, free movie downloads are very much without valid permission from the actual owner.

11. Google EMD (Exact Match Domain)

Google EMD Launched in September 2012, this algorithm is designed to filter all websites that have low-quality content and buy a domain with their exact match keywords. Then they rank the website higher in Google as their primary keyword in the domain name. Google take an action for those domains and designed Emd update and list down all the websites that use keywords in the domain and post low-quality content.

According to Matt Cutts, "EMD is set to reduce low-quality 'exact-match' domains in search results."

Google Payday Algorithm Update

12. What is Google Payday Algorithm Update?

Google Payday launched on June 11,2013 "Google Payday" is designed to target new search results for "Spammy Queries", for example, "payday loans" "obscene" or some others with heavy spam types of…

The PayDay algorithm also helps Google identify websites that have used Black Hat Seo techniques to improve their specific keyword rankings. Here are some Google Payday new updates.

Payday New Updates

Google Payday Loan 1.0

Payday Loan 2.0

Payday Loan 3.0

So these are major Google algorithm updates and Thoughts updates, because each and every day Google makes a new updates, but not every algorithm is confirmed. If you want to take a look at all these algorithms, then read the full article on Moz.

13. What is the Page experience algorithm?

Google began rolling out an algorithmic update called "The Page Experience Update" on June 16, 2021. The aim of this update is to give priority to pages that bring a better experience to the users that provide good page performance i.e. load times, non-moving and static pages. 

14. What is a Google broad core algorithm update?

On June 2, 2021, Google began updating comprehensive core algorithms. The purpose of this update is to rank the content that best answers a search query. This update is not intended to hit any website. 

Rather, Google wants the searcher to get the most relevant and reliable results. If your website has been affected then it needs to be fixed. Your website may have the following drawbacks: technical SEO problems, low content quality, poor user experience issues, deceptive marketing techniques, etc.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the process of improving the volume and quality of traffic to any website from organic search results. Search engines love fresh, unique content. If you're not getting enough views from organic searches, try to get higher visibility through digital marketing. For more Information visit at https://www.digitalseoweb.co.in/

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