How to Start A Career in Digital Marketing in 2021 Digital Marketing Training

Digital marketing is exploding what makes over 100000000000 a year through that phase of generating over 40000000000 a year through ATS Hey everyone I'm today I'm gonna share with you how you can start your career in digital marketing. 

If you're just starting off leave a combo with 0 if you have been doing this for a while leaving a comment below with one year 2 years 3 years whatever the number is I'm curious because it tips on giving today we should help you out if you're just starting your career or even if you're already a few years in digital marketing so here's what the first thing I want you to do this I want you to start your own website this is the first step you need to go out there create a WordPress blog or any type of psych I prefer WordPress you need to start a site if it's E. commerce today start a Shopify site the best way to learn marketing is to start your own website step to take all the competitors you have if you don't know what they are your credit website and it should be a site that your passion about the industry that you're in you don't know any competitors take those key words whatever industry you're in like astrologer marketing Google from your fine you are I'll pop them into a tool called uber suggests these are all the girls that are ranking for these keywords are going after this will show you how much traffic your competition's getting per region it'll also show you the top pages that your competition's getting traffic from and it shows you all the keywords that are driving traffic to your competition. 

Now that you've seen this the next thing you need to do is click on the top page's report. The top pages report will show you all the top pages for all your competitors how many visits are given to each of those pages how many soldiers do that how many backlinks to the house and here's what I want you to do next now you have this data. Go look at those top pages you know figure out which key terms are driving the traffic cop high volume high cost per click and a little search difficulty because these are the ones that are the easiest to go after first and have the most viable traffic go look at those pages then right a better version of that page don't just create some that similar 1 up on have better images better videos whatever it maybe go above and beyond I used to do custom graphics pay people from Fiverr second pop in my blog post that way can have myself my content my articles stand out from the competition when you've done that then the next step for you is to promote your content so you want to take all the people that links your competitors you've seen that from uber suggests it shows you a laundry list of all the people that links your competitors what you want to do is reach out to all those people and be like Hey John I noticed you linked up explains the article I was someone that just came out but mine covered 12 and 3 that there's did it cheers Neill sent me a simple email to hundreds of people not talk about 100 people missing hundreds 200 300 400 kilos assembles people start linking back to you who's your search traffic and you're also going to get referral traffic referral traffic is huge the other beautiful part about uber suggests is it shows you all the popular articles based on social shares so I want you to go to Twitter search type in the URL of your competition show you all the people who share that content on Twitter and I'm all up. Hey John I know she shared X. Y. Z. article from author A. B. and C. I have a similar 1 that just came out but my covers 12 and 3 if you like it feel pain share cheers Neil yes let me know if I can do anything for you. 

Setting those simple articles and emails out warm Marcel messages you'll get more social shares you do that with links you're not doing that with emails you're going to get more traffic as you get more traffic you'll start getting results the next thing I want you to do is start collecting emails it's not just getting people to your site it's about building a brand Campbell brown without collecting emails you can use free tools like a low bar limit sliders pop ups I do the annual telecom it's a great way to collect more email addresses so that we get people to come back to your site you'll start building a brand as the XTO Google one sad brands are the solution he was talking about figuring out what sites to rank at the top of Google and also combating things like fake news for that reason you want to build a brand and they say when you get people back to your site 7 times you're much more likely to build a brand the next thing I want you to do is install a free tool called subscribers this leverages push notification if you ever use push notification leave a comment below with yes if you haven't leave a comment below with no just curious. What subscribers allow you to do is have people subscribe to your site with just one click and that way you can just keep getting back to your site through their browser notifications has amazing results especially when you combine that with email the last thing I want you to do is to start selling something that is the physical product service doesn't matter you can do lead generation you can sell products or affiliate marketing I just want you to sell something because when you learn to sell your learning the full suite of marketing it's not just about driving traffic you need to convert those visitors into customers and if you want a bonus at this all you guys who are you know over achievers running AB tests there's a lot of solutions out there like crazy that allow you to do this but you're going to A. B. tests to maximize your conversion rate. Once you've done that you'll jump-start your career in digital marketing if you need help with your marketing needs check out my ad agency.

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