How to Rank YouTube Videos SEO For Youtube

Do you want to be popular on YouTube it's not possible unless you have a ton of subscribers without the subscribers you're not going to become popular on YouTube we're starting from scratch how do you get popular without spending money on ads. I'm gonna share with you how to generate over 25000 subscribers on YouTube in less than a year. 

1. Ask the user to subscribe at the start of the video Politely:

The first thing you need to know is your content has to be super emotional. I'm emotional when I speak and talk not because I'm trying to do it on purpose because I'm super passionate about entrepreneurship and marketing if you're not passionate about your content it's going to come across and people are going to see you on your YouTube channel talking like hello Hey today I'm gonna teach you about marketing that's not emotional no one to listen to Paul that they're just going to bounce back and exit so if your car does not emotional you won't do well the next if I have for you is you have to tell people to subscribe to your channel when they're out there they're listening to your YouTube video just to tell him subscribe just like right now I'm gonna tell you subscribe to my YouTube channel if you don't I'm going to be super sad so please subscribe and even at the end of your videos also told to subscribe at the end of my videos.

I started adding that I didn't have the my earlier videos born I said adding that I noticed a huge increase on how many subscribers I was getting is roughly 3 times more that's crazy all by telling people at the end of the video to subscribe with the eggs is green and the design which you can see right here it makes it easier to get subscribers.

2. Choose Right Keyword:

The next thing you want to do is use the right keywords you can use tools like Google trends to see what's popular Google key word traffic estimator tool keyword planner technically right but either way it'll tell you what keywords are popular the surgeons are getting I also use a Ubersuggests it gives me more keyword ideas for my videos and this all tells me what he was a part of my title my descriptions so that way my videos get more views here's the other thing that people don't tell you about you too you know when you're watching a video you would think that YouTube converter what your contents about because when I put in the little CC it automatically starts putting in some. 

3. Be sure to put your keywords in your video Title:

Titles and here's the thing yes you did was good at picking out what you're saying in your videos but it's not 100 percent so unless you upload a transcript your videos are going to rank as high and you're not going to get as many views and you don't get as many views whats going to happen you're not going to get as many subscribers.

The next thing you want to do is go head up other bloggers for writing similar content about the videos you're producing and hit them up and ask them to embed your videos it's really simple you go to buzzsumo you type in key words related to your video and show you the popular articles are you want to shoot an email to the person who wrote the article Hey John I love your content but you know what some people are visual learners actually created a video that's inspired by your latest blog post I was wondering would you mind embedding it so by getting more people to embed your videos you're gonna get Accern all traffic and as you get external tropic you'll notice that your videos do better and get higher rankings.

4. Make Long Videos: 

The last step I have for you is make sure videos are super long and engaging if you're not showing emotion engaging throughout your video or if your videos aren't long they're not going to do well just go check on my early or you 2 videos summer 2 minutes 3 minutes 4 minutes some are even 1 minute you know what happens when a video is really short YouTube doesn't give it much clout your channel 1 too as well and all of your videos won't rank as high or get as many suggestions right you know once you're done watching the video he see more suggestive videos well the key to doing well on YouTube as I have a super long video I'm not saying 30-40 minutes anything 5 or 6 minutes plus is great anything less than that is really hard to rank high unless you're going after terms that are competitive which means it is not going to generate much traffic and you wouldn't get subscribers so make sure videos are over 5 minute long if you follow those tips you'll do well or if you don't have time in your busy. 

This you can check out companies like viewership which do you do consulting and they'll teach you and actually do all the work for you not in the key words in the transcripts so that way your you tube videos get way more traffic and traction you can get over 25000 subscribers in less than a year.

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