How to Design A Beautiful Website Homepage That Ranks on Google The Non Designers Guide

How do you make your home page more as your family you know that Hey for a lot of key words content pages tend to do better what does that mean that your home page can't rank for anything of course not Hey everyone I'm gonna teach you how to design a beautiful home page that ranks on Google. 

Look how great as he was very similar to optimize your other pages but just giving of your home page is gonna be a big mistake and you're gonna miss out on a lot of opportunities people go to your home page and learn more about your business is all the time first impressions are everything and that really is your home page as well and here's some taxes that you can employ to create a beautiful home page that ranks on Google first off state your company's value proposition and selling point to right away your home page is extensively a welcome mat for your website it states. 

Hey everyone come on and this is what my website is all about see we're company is and what you sell or the services that you offer right away point out your unique selling point what makes your company different from others wherever you can you want to make sure that you point out your business a strong selling points and you want to put this really early in your content for example Tom shoes for every pair of shoes that are purchased they donate one to a child that's in me that's a very strong selling point for Tom's you want to tell customers how your product solves our problem as well next to Wendy's customer testimonials when it comes a brand authenticity the stakes are higher than ever a study by Boston consulting group identified the authenticity is one of the top qualities that would attract them into brand trustworthiness is a huge aspect in conversions as the internet continues to take over braintrust is getting more more part not to mention braintrust Lisa brown Welty achei returning customers showcasing your customer testimonials is a great way to build trust with your visitors if you don't have customer reviews encourage people to leave reviews it's as simple as just emailing I'm saying Hey would you think about my product would you think about my service you don't want to bribe them to leave a review because when you do that your call. 

Adding reviews that may be biased you want real reviews next you want to make your home page mobile friendly this is incredibly important because Google does mobile first indexing because over 50 percent of the searches are now done on mobile devices and in some industries it's over 90 percent your web design needs to be optimized for desktop and mobile make sure using mobile from the teams and your website is responsive whether it's a small mobile device or bigger mobile device or tablet device now wait you're compatible if you're wondering.

If your website is mobile optimized well Google has free mobile testing tools out there for you next make your navigation simple navigation is key when it comes to user experience you don't have a site structure that makes people confuse chances are if people are going to your site and they can't find what they're looking for within a few clicks they're gonna bounce goes gonna notice and in the long run it's going to hurt your rankings also it's important note that if users are exiting your site so quickly remember the user experience is in great for them as well so now is gonna hurt Google as I mentioned there's also gonna hurt your sales too so you don't want to just improve your navigation for Google you want to do because it's going to help with your conversions as well one of the biggest reasons that people bounce is because bad site navigation and what I mean by that is either too many options or they can't find what they're looking for within 3 clicks in general less is more with my old site quick sprout I run a test years ago reduce my navigation elements from 8 to 5 and I was able to reduce my bouncer by 3 percent and my site navigation receive the extra 2049 more clicks each month. That's crazy right reduce the options and I got more total clicks. 

Next I want you to optimize your home page title and meta data most people just make their home page title tag their brand name and that may seem smart but it's not when it comes for us yell yes you still want to have your brand name and there but you also want to put key words in there as well remember 8 out of 10 people read your title tag or your headline week 2 out of 10 will click through and read the rest so crafting something that's appealing is super important and if you're wondering how to cross something that's very appealing roughly 6 word headlines tend to do well people love how to they love less deliver anything that tells them what they're going to get and with your homepage you probably can't do how to use a list as much you can talk about the problem that you're identifying or the industry or the main product or service that you're selling as well as include your branding and if you need help with your crafting your meta tags but is your pal type or meta description with the right keywords check out number suggests print the cures within your industry then I want you to go to the keyword ideas report and I'll tell you all the key words that you can consider targeting and look for the ones with the SEO difficulty score of less than 40 those are the ones that are the easiest and quickest terrain for. 

If you also want help optimize your title tags and you want to run experiments you can also use tools like football which allow you to AB test your title tags to maximize your clicks for your homepage then I want you to pull in recent blog post on your homepage remember your home pages like that welcome mat people could be going there for many reasons by including your content it's great because when people keep coming back to your website they can continue to use the find new content and that will keep them going throughout your whole site keep your time on site better reduce your bounce rate improves the overall user experience bill 

Maher 30 and brand and eventually increase your conversions as well if you look at my ad agency site digital you'll notice that on our home page we don't to showcase blog posts we showcase lace videos we showcase podcast this all helps drive people throughout the whole site keeping people on there which then improves all of our user metrics now here's the interesting stop for you especially if you're an E. commerce and you're just selling products you maybe like hate I want my home pager selling products I don't want to showcase any content well skin care company Aleida task where they're selling products related to eye care and what they started doing is driving people to article on eye care and removing dark circles underneath the eyes by doing that instead of just pushing people directly to products they sought 87 percent increase in click throughs and 100 percent increase in conversions that's huge last but not least you want to close with call to actions look but people going to your home page you don't want 

I'm just going wherever they want and have no end in sight the end should be buying a product or service from you you know going into a lead magnet collecting their name and information whatever conversion is for you make sure call to actions are easy clickable their images that stand out and you sprinkle them throughout your home page because some people can just go to our homepage and they know they want to buy right away and for those people you want to make your call to action closer to above the full. But by having it throughout your whole home page what you find is as people are reading learning more seen the testimonials you make mention to buy and boom they can do so right then and there without scrolling back up if you need help with your SEO check out my ad agency you'll tell digital.

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